Careers, Employability and Skills

Careers Coordinator – Erika Mariella-Worrall

At Sheaf Training Centre, our commitment is that each one of our student programme and high needs students, regardless of programme level, circumstance or starting point, effectively develop the knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes which will empower them to secure some form of meaningful, sustainable employment, self-employment and lifelong career opportunities that is right for them. We are committed to providing objective information, advice and guidance on education, training and employment opportunities to future, current and former students. We sincerely believe that a high quality ‘Careers Programme’, that threads and embraces outstanding CEIAG, raises ambitions and success. Ultimately, it is essential in supporting our students’ emergence from education ready and proficient to achieving their potential and be the best they can be. Consequently, our ambitious and progressive vision is that each of our students has outstanding opportunities for a student-centred and bespoke provision that effectively dovetails and embraces curricular, formal frameworks and is supported by enrichment opportunities and activities to enhance each one of their portfolios, promoting employability and lifelong careers.

The Gatsby Foundation Benchmarks (GFB) are at the heart of our Careers, Employability and Skills Strategy and provide focus on the practicalities of delivering an excellent careers programme. The GFB are eightfold: (1) a stable careers programme, (2) learning from career and labour market information, (3) addressing the needs of each pupil, (4) linking curriculum learning to careers, (5) encounters with employers and employees, (6) experiences of workplaces, (7) encounters with further and higher education, and (8) personal guidance.

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Careers Programme

Our careers programme is designed to facilitate the improvement of our students’ professional skills, ensuring they are prepared for work and further study and to ensure they develop the attributes they need to excel in a chosen career. The skills the students learn through the programme will help them with their future employment and career goals.

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